Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hamlet Story, into a song (video clip)

Site: Hamlet story board

This site includes a story board about Hamlet. There are illustrations as well as descriptive information under each picture.

Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 2.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Act 5, Sc. 1-2

My fury and sadness, leaded to the a battle that ends all end between Claudious and my royalty. By the sword, the blood and poison, Claudious finally die. And I...

Act 4, Sc. 3 & 7

Supposedly, I was sent to England for my security. But I found out that it wasn't true, Claudius just wanted me out of Denmark. He was thinking of taking over easily, if I would not be there... But on the ocean, we got attacked by pirates, so our captain and us decided to go back to Denmark. Claudius really wanted me to be exiled, what a hypocrite! He even said that he will never be happy as long as I will be living. Then will settle this man to man, and the better will survive.
When I got back to Denmark, I realized that my only love, Ophelia, was dead. She supposedly got suicide, and she got found drawn in a river. Why? She couldn't support the fact that I killed his father, and I went away to England. The tears that I cried, was and is the love I had for her.

Act 3, Sc. 1-4

I was thinking about if it's better to live or not to live. Ophelia sent to me, from the royalty, was wondering if I was mad because of the love I had for her. Should we suffer with what is going on around us or should we fight? That is why people always get up and fight back, because most of the people don't want to suicide themselves. My best and truthful friend Horatio was there to support me all the time. I was even suspecting my mother, the Queen, of guilt.

When I killed Polonius, by accident, I felt so mad and sad at the same time, because I had just killed my Ophelia's father. I didn't wanted him to die, It was supposed to be Claudius. I feel so sorry for him!